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How to deep clean your face efficiently and properly at home

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How to deep clean your face efficiently and properly at home

Author: Sabrin Matoo 

“The face is the index of the mind”

Modern life is fast and we take so many things for granted. Our skin is on the top list of for-granted things and facial care is on this list. The face is the most delicate and exposed part of our body yet we neglect it. Dullness, acne loss of elasticity and so many things happen to face due to negligence. We can make our facial skin good by taking a small amount of time and effort. Let's start by cleaning first.


What is a deep clean face?

A clean face is the face kept and treated without disturbing the natural tone.

Almost all skin types can enjoy deep cleaning of the face,

A deep clean face looks free from visible dirt, oils, or grease.

Your facial skin according to dermatologists should not be tight or fluffy. It should be dirt and visible oils-free.

A deep clean face is radiant in a natural tone and clear from all other radicals.

Deep cleaning of the face makes it look well hydrated and good.


What it means to have a deep clean face and how it boosts confidence.

Deep cleaning of the face makes the skin of the face healthy and can absorb better nutrients.

Deep cleaned removes clog from the pores of the skin and let it breathe to feel fresh.

During your interaction, people look at your face. When we have a clear and completely maintained face. It boosts our confidence in facing people without a sense of hesitation or shyness.

A deep cleaned face gives a silent message of maintenance. It tells people how concerned are you about yourself.


Why we should deep clean our faces.

Cleaning and deep cleaning do not have the only purpose of giving others messages about your maintenance. A clean face means you care for and protect your face. A deep clean face is your contribution to maintaining goodness for yourself in a natural way


How long does deep cleaning last?

The time and extent of your deep cleaning is depending on your skin type. The ideal time for deep cleaning is twice a month.

What is the best way to deep clean our face?


How do we know our face needs a deep cleaning.


When it appears on the fact that a lot of bumps, oil, and grease have started to accumulate, we should do deep cleaning. Go for self-analysis or to a dermatologist for examination of your skin.


Deep cleaning natural way.

It takes only 30 to 90 minutes to deep clean your skin. 

Deep cleaning is the first step toward nourishment and pampering skin.

Natural deep cleaning is the whole process of,


  1. Cleansing
  2. Steaming
  3. Scrubbing
  4. Facepack
  5. Toning
  6. Moisturizing

Natural deep cleaning makes skin clean without any harm.


A deep cleaning by a chemical process 

A deep cleaning chemical process is by taking cosmetic chemical processes in spas. It includes putting chemical peels that make you shed a layer of skin. The skin underneath this shredded layer becomes new skin. It does not rejuvenate the skin but removes the layer to bring a new layer up. Chemical processes can lead to :

  1. Permanent discoloration of the skin.
  2. Scars
  3. Infections
  4. No tanning
  5. Burning
  6. Redness
  7. Pigmentation.

If not done correctly so always go to a highly trained individual to get chemical peel.



How to deep clean properly at home.


Doing everything at home is a necessity in this pandemic time. We can't neglect important things due to restrictions. Here are a few processes and products that we can do at home to deep clean our face properly.

  1. Cleanse


Start with natural cleaning products this will deep clean skin and protect it from any harm.

  1. Steaming

It will refresh your skin and give a feeling of a fresh look.



  1. Scrubbing.

Scrubbing exfoliates and removes dead skin from the face making it radiant and look good. Do not use too much scrubbing it may lead to dry skin. Be very gentle in cleaning skin  to get good results


  1. Facepack


Face packs or face masks are excellent for hydrating your skin.

  1. Toning


Well-toned skin looks good. Balanced by the application of natural products

  1. moisturizing


Moisturising will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy all the time.


Things to consider:


Deep cleaning of all skin types is necessary.


The product that helps you to deep clean.

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